Thursday, August 27, 2009

You lucky bastard ;)

Life is kind of strange. You live and then you die. You act. You think. You lie. But sometimes you don't know if your moving forward or standing still. Because sometimes you don't know if it is the truth or the lie that keeps you moving. That's the secret about life. And we all have secrets. And we all have lies. And we all live on the same earth.

And one funny thing is, when you think you know someone you realize that the only person you actually should know is yourself. And then you look in the mirror to see if you recognize her. And when i looked i saw a girl. But i didn't understand who she was. Suddenly that little girl i thought i was, had grown up. And i saw myself in the mirror all grown up. I was not a girl anymore. Strange! I take care of myself. Make my own decisions. It's frightening. But sometimes it's exciting. And i like it. How would life be if we already knew everything?

A new start. The past is no more around. New experiences. No stress. No regret. No more negative people around. Life is good! Doesn't that sound good? A princess can kiss a toad! And sometimes the toad kiss her back ;)